Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The glory of the Android. (Yes, this is a conversion post :D)

Before you read, yes, I am trying to convert you. Deal with it.

So, we all know what smartphones are these days. And we all know what an iPhone and Android phone is (or should.) But, which is better? This is actually a very conflicting war, just like the whole Mac v.s PC debate.

What do I think? I think Android blows iOS out of the water. Why? Well, because of how Open Source and free the Android platform actually is.

Here's an example: rooting your phone. We should all know what this is, on the iPhone it's called "Jailbreaking", and it is essentially hacking your device to have it to what it originally was not intended to do. And we also should know that Apple really, really hates people who jailbreak their devices. Apple is constantly updating it's security, un-rooting all iDevices in almost every firmware update; making it harder and harder every time to jailbreak.

As for the Android, I have yet to hear about Samsung, HTC, or any other companies un-rooting their customers' phones. They actually UPDATE the system and spend less time on un-rooting. I've had my phone rooted ever since I got it, over the few updates I've gotten, it's still rooted and working fantastically.
I'm an Android programmer, I make apps for the platform. I do not, however, program for the iOS platform. Why? Because Apple limits developers and their apps big time. On the Android, apps can do whatever the hell they want as long as the user gives the app permission to do so. Apps can interact with eachother, modify system settings, and so much more. As for the iPhone, apps are strictly not allowed to interact. Apple provides no such functionality, and they limit the possibilities of what apps can do with the phone's system.

Not only that, but an Android developers license only costs $25, with little moderation (if any.) As for Apple, a developer's license is $100, and apps are moderated by Apple to the extreme. Oh, and they also require all developers to go out and buy a Mac computer.
I mentioned Android being Open Source before, remember? Well, while this is quite true for Android, it is absolutely false for the iPhone. Apple has always been known to strictly lock-down their systems, not allowing many developers to develop the actual system themselves; only them. For Android, that is quite different. Google takes pride in developing Open Source software, and they treat developers much better than Apple does. Google let's you mess around with the source code of their apps and various other things while Apple keeps it locked down, Closed Source.

So those of you who have iPhones, please look in to an Android phone. Check them out. Don't just be an Apple fanboy and buy whatever they put out, because in the next few years Android will be taking over either way.

And developers, please consider getting an Android phone. The market is still rich in consumers, and you still have a fantastic chance at gaining revenue from your apps (especially if you create games). Not only that, but you won't have to waste $100 on a Apple developers license, be extremely locked out, or be moderated to hell by Apple; and you won't be required to have a Mac computer, either.


  1. So I can install android on my iphone?

  2. I'm talking about the actual Operating Systems in this post, so if you can manage to install Android onto an iPhone device, all power to you!