Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh, Posion Ivy, how I hate you so.

So last Friday I was out in an abandonned construction area with my friends training our parkour skills, when suddenly I had taken a jump too large off of one of those concrete sewer pipes, slipped, and landed in a thorn bush.

Little did I know, that bush had more than thorns. I'm now covered, head to toe, in poison ivy (or oak, not exactly sure.) It sucks, it really does. My entire left arm is covered in bumps and blisters, scratches too. It's even doing that nasty thing where it oozes out liquid every now and then.

My right arm isn't as bad, but it's still itchy as hell. As for my right leg, it's full of scratches and is being abused by the itchiness of the poison ivy as well.

I was actually pretty angry my friends got me to go there! I was the only one with the poison ivy, too. In fact, i've discovered how not many people get poison ivy in my friend group. Man this sucks.


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