Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Poison Ivy Relief Spray... oh God, yes.

Yes, i'm complaining about my poison ivy again. BUT, this time it's a suggestion to all of you that may have or get poison ivy pretty bad. And that is, poison ivy relief spray. 

Basically, you just spray this stuff on any spot where poison ivy may be, and within 10 seconds it gets rid of all itching in that area! Considering I have it everywhere, I just had to do a few sprays around my body and BAM! the stinging itch is gone! I picked my bottle up at my local Walgreens, although i'm pretty sure it's sold in many other stores as well.


  1. Finally! How many thousands of years does it take to come up with this??!? Better late than never though

  2. I'm so glad I'm one of those lucky few who don't get affected by poison ivy. Now poison oak and poison sumac I'm not sure about...