Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Voice for Facebook

Hello readers! I just thought I would let everyone know that I had recently put one of my new Android apps on the Android Market. It's called Voice for Facebook, and basically it's a speech-only interface to Facebook.

What does this mean you might ask? Well, using Google's Speech Recognition API and Facebook's Graph API,  I was able to create an application that let's a user simply say, with voice, commands that will let them interact with the basics of Facebook, which include:

  • Setting a new status
  • Posting on friends' walls
  • Listening to yours or your friends' news feeds
  • Commenting on and liking posts and comments
  • Ability to check-in to a location
You may wonder why this would be practical for someone... Well, just think about it: some people might be too lazy to open up the Facebook app itself and type in their statuses or click around their news feed. With Voice for Facebook, it's all right there, and easy to use since everyone knows how to speak.

Plans for the future:
  • Facebook Chat
  • Listening to your inbox and responding to PMs
  • Hear new notifications on your account
If you would like to try out the app, it's only $0.99 right now on the Android Market. Simply search Voice for Facebook, or my name (Cameron Cooper) for direct results.

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